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The frank green reusable for you, based on your personal style

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We've all accepted that keeping a water bottle by our side is not only great for our complexion, but the environment too. But, and crucially, if we're going to lug a litre of H20 around, it has to look good. The same rule applies to our reusable coffee cups. So let's begin first with the gold standard of stylish reusable bottles and cups – if their presence in the RUSSH office is anything to go by –  frank green.

The brand has just dropped four new limited edition colourways; Soft Stone, a sandy beige, Sky Blue, a frank green bestseller, Pistachio Green, the colour of our favourite gelato flavour, and Cosmic Purple, a deep and moody violet. Each of the four colourways are available in all four sizes of the brand's reusable, spill-proof cups and bottles; from the smallest 295ml to the giant 2 litre vessels.

Curiously, there are no colour double-ups across the entire team. My own is a ludicrously eye-catching Neon Pink, while Designer Teressia Carr has gone for a subtler soft bubblegum Blushed. Elyssa Kostopoulos, our Content Director, favours a calming Harbor Mist grey. Each choice speaks to our own personal style. Me? Chaotic and inconsistent. Teressia's? Hello Kitty core if such a thing existed. And Elyssa Kostopoulos? A queen of neutral tones and streamlined shapes.

So what does your frank green colour say about you? And more importantly, what colour should you pick based on your style? I'm glad you asked. Are you a Cosmic Purple or a Sky Blue? Below we pair you with one of the new frank green colourways based on your style.

Soft Stone

If your wardrobe is flush with colours like oatmeal, ecru, biscuit and taupe, if you want to look at your bottle or cup and feel immediately calm, then this is the frank green colour for you. Given the minimal design of frank green products, Soft Stone is a natural colourway for the brand. Classic and enduring, the gentle tone will ensure you'll have this bottle or cup for years to come.


Sky Blue

Back by popular demand, Sky Blue is a crowd pleaser and can be interpreted in many ways for many different wardrobes. Talking colour theory, blue is viewed as reliable and peaceful. It has a certain ease about it, which will allow it to slip into your life and become the workhorse a water bottle should be. This is for those who daydream and look to the sky while doing so.


Pistachio Green

For the eccentrics and inventors. If we're thinking star signs, I would pick this zingy colour for an Aquarius or Gemini. Keeping wardrobes in mind, this is for fans of Maryam Nassir Zadeh, for admirers of the Green Lady of Brooklyn, for people who wouldn't mind carving out a granny smith and living inside it.


Cosmic Purple

When I was in school, I would always complete my art coursework in a purple exercise book. And I'm not alone, purple is widely considered to represent creativity (royalty and ambition also, but I like this angle better). This is for the artists, the creative types, night owls and those with a witchy presence.

Explore the new limited edition colours from frank green now.

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