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Telfar bags are retaining more value than legacy brands: here’s where to get your hands on one

Telfar bags

As it turns out, the Bushwick Birkin is reselling for more than an actual Birkin, a new study has found. When Telfar Clemens issued his infamous Telfar Shopping Bag back in 2014, no one would have predicted for it to become this sought out, let alone one of the most important accessories of the decade, seen on everyone from Zoe Kravitz to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Designed in vegan leather, embossed with his signature “TC” logo, and priced under $500, Clemens' bag ended up being the perfect solution to becoming an enduring "It" bag that didn't burn a hole in our pockets only for it to fizzle out of style by the end of the year. The bag has legions of fans from all walks of life. What they have in common? They are all trying their hardest to get their hands on the bag. Luxury resale site Rebag, has noticed this, and just released its third Clair report, which identifies brand value trends, in short.

And the bag with the best resale value? Not Chanel, not Hermès, but Telfar! Which exceeds all legacy brands in terms of value retention. With a tagline that reads, "Not for you – for everyone", it's certainly exciting news. According to Clair, Clemens' Telfar bags have been known to go on resell sites for “145 percent of retail price.” A number that  includes the brand’s collaborations, like their partnership with Ugg (with 211% retained value) and the brands own silhouettes like the shopping tote, at 193% of retained value.

The cause of such huge percentages? It's all about the exclusivity and limited availability of the bags, which sell out almost immediately after they drop, and without any ecommerce sites selling on, there is only one destination to pick up a new Telfar bag, and that's direct with Telfar.

If you're still determined to get your hands on a Telfar bag no matter what condition it's in, we're rounding up where to find one, below.



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Naturally, the first place to look for a Telfar bag is on Telfar itself, which restocks bags weekly, but you'll have to be extremely alert to score one.


The RealReal


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If you're prepared to pay the aforementioned resale increase, The RealReal is a great place to start. With a large range of colours and sizes and an authentication team on deck to ensure everything is above board, you're sure to find your dream Telfar bag.


Vestiare Collective


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Another reliable reseller, Vestiare has a huge variety of shopping bags available, with a lot of them on sale (still almost double what they retail for, though). Many of the bags available are still wrapped in their original packaging, meaning they were likely never worn.




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Depop has a moderate selection of very reasonably priced bags, many of them still in their original packaging. The only difference is that you are purchasing from individual sellers, so it's up to them when things get shipped, but with the platforms buyer protection program, you'll be protected if for some reason you didn't receive your order.



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Reselling site Rebag, who was responsible for publishing the new statistics on Telfar's resell value also has a great offering of different sizes and colours of the shopping tote, all marked at very good condition and sold at standard resale price.

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