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These are the best places to buy original furniture

There is no better feeling than setting up your space, exactly as it should be. Everything is where you need it. The feng shui is on point, and all is well in the world. Our homes are sacred spaces and personally, for my space to feel special, I need my furniture to feel unique to my taste.

We've found a selection of second-hand and curated stores to pick up your next piece. We as humans are drawn to colour, lighting and home decor whether we know it or not, and having pieces in your home that you feel proud of, does wonders for you and anyone else spending time in your space. There's beauty in searching far and wide for that perfectly offbeat chair or adding a fun bowl to your bookshelf. Below is a curated list of where to buy original furniture.


1. Sarah Ellison


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Sarah Ellison launched her modern and innovative furniture brand in 2017. Her style is distinctly clean and simple with a nod to Australian-centric design. Her signature pieces are rounded chairs and languid couch shapes (the types that feel you could just sink into and stay forever and ever).

2. 1st Dibs


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Anyone searching for a one-off piece that is sure to make any space feel bespoke, check out 1st Dibs. The site has an impressive selection that's curated into inspiring sub-collections such as 'mid century modern' and  'Herman Miller Furniture'. 1st Dibs often rotates, keeping the selection fresh, so keep checking in to find something special.

3. Ma House Supply Store

Ma House. Owned and curated by Ben Mooney stocks a selection of eclectic furniture and objects. Based in Melbourne, you can currently wander into their brick-and-mortar store. Their online shop is yet to launch but is sure to be added to your saved searches in no time.


4. Curated Spaces


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Curated spaces feature secondhand and artisan furniture, which makes shopping for original pieces, a breezy time all around. The selection is rare and stylish making you feel good about stocking your home with furniture that doesn't cost the earth.


5. Sauc.d


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Sauc.d brings about moments of delight with its vintage and curated furniture pieces. Their stores are located in Sydney and Brisbane and aim to bring a fun and fluid touch to every space. Using lots of bright colours and quirky shapes, Sauc.d hits the nail on the head when it comes to original pieces.


6. Bowla.design


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We're lucky to have Bowla Design at our service, coming through with all our vintage desires. Their furniture is sourced directly from Europe, however, you can order it from around Australia and pick it up in Melbourne.

Looking for where to find more furniture for your home or space? Here is our state-by-state guide on where to buy furniture across Australia.

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