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Our guide on where to buy your next magazine

where to buy magazine

Early versions of the first magazine appeared in the 17th Century after the invention of the printing press in Europe. These early forms were brochures, pamphlets and almanacs. Since then, our world has gone through such drastic shifts, you wouldn't expect there to be a form of media that holds up in the way that it has since those days, and yet, there's no shortage of interest (or supply). As summer swiftly approaches, it feels like the perfect time to head to the beach, pool, hammock or wherever you choose to read your magazines and get flipping.

Everyone's different. Some are more Carrie Bradshaw and prefer to pick up their magazines from the local newsstand (newsagent to us Australians). These are great first places to look. Plus, it's always a good feeling to support local businesses!

However, some magazines are a little more niche and require stores that are more tailored to specific interests. The list below offers options all across Australia, and even some great online options to get you reading.



Since 1985, ariel has been serving Sydneysiders with their fix of independent books and magazines. Their speciality is art, design and architecture but you can also find some unique publications on fashion, love and for those green thumbs, gardening!


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Toko Toko

Toko Toko is a wondrous place based in the Northern Rivers that homes magazines, supplied lovingly by independent publishing house Good Publishings. They stock magazines, vintage art and photo books, and even poetry books. Definitely worth stopping by.


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Go for the wine, stay for the reading material? In an unlikely but not unnecessary turn of events, the wine shop drnks does not exclusively stock drnks. Who would have thought? They also stock a select few food wine and culture titles such as Counter Magazine and Swill.


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Perimeter Books

Perimeter books, based in Thornbury is a specialised bookstore, publisher and distribution house that stocks a large variety of art design and photography books as well as zines.

Pan After

Pan After is a store that stocks 'inherently interesting,' objects including a selection of magazines. They stock a lot of beautiful publications including the likes of Apartmento and Luncheon.


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Suku Home

Suku Home has got it all as far as we're concerned. From bedding and pyjamas to vases and even magazines. Pay them a visit to find your next read.


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Compendium Design Store

Compendium design store stocks "a concise collection of things." Amongst those, a few sophisticated magazine titles, like Kinfolk, Monocle and Gentlewoman.

Double Double

Double Double is a streetwear store that prides itself on its unique perspective when it comes to fashion. They stock a suite of exciting international fashion titles that aren't easy to find in Australia.


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Mag Nation

Mag Nation offers a huge selection of national and international titles. Their focus is on niche titles which you can pick up from their store in Melbourne or order online.


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Finish Design Shop

If you're looking for titles you can't find IRL, look no further. Finish design shop has you covered with magazines you're having trouble finding on shelves near you. Focused on topics like slow living, homewares and crafts and plants you would be remiss not to have a browse.


Readly is your one-stop app for magazines. They have thousands of titles to choose from, including TIME, Rolling Stone. You can even order your next RUSSH issue from them ;)


Zinio is another great option to buy magazines straight from the comfort of your home. They offer a wide range of categories and deliver titles to you instantly.


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