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What should you be buying this Boxing Day? Here’s our foolproof list of the items you can’t miss

what to buy at boxing day

We all understand the sheer chaos of trying to navigate Boxing Day sales. This immense fear that you could be missing out on one of the few times in the year where you can score a great deal; but also a concern that you're participating in over consumption. A very 2022 conundrum. After more than one go at trying to master a foolproof approach to getting the most out of the sales and knowing what to buy at Boxing Day, we can confirm that the key to success lies in planning ahead. Which, given the madness of the end of year events, can also prove to be a challenge.

We won't lie, we've lived through our fair share of Boxing Day sales, which means that the advice we're about to give is undoubtedly rooted in experience. There's no doubting that almost everything goes on sale during the Boxing Day period – from beauty, homewares, fashion, technology and home appliances. This means that you can really take time to think about the items you really need, by comparing the brands and stores that had the best sales last year.

Try to make the most of items that aren't usually discounted; like investing in a new laptop or that Dyson Airwrap you've had your eye on (which, let us confirm, is 100% worth it). It's also a great opportunity to maximise in season items, like swimwear or summer fashion, as brands begin to plan for the seasons to come.

Still stuck on where to begin? Below, we're sharing four of the major shopping categories you should definitely consider shopping this Boxing Day.



If you're unsure of what to buy at any of the Boxing Day sales, technology is definitely one area you should seriously consider. If you've been putting off buying a new laptop or finally want to splurge on a pair of noise cancelling headphones, stores like JB-Hi-Fi as well as other department stores are known to have great deals.

Beauty tools

We all know that beauty tools like hair straighteners, blow dryers, LED light therapy masks and more aren't always the easiest item to tick off your wishlist. Brands like Dyson, ghd or Cloud Nine very rarely go on sale in the beauty department – thanks to the brand's understandable popularity – so Boxing Day is a great opportunity to buy these high-quality items at a more affordable price.

Home appliances

Sick of drinking instant coffee? Or need an extra, heavy-duty vacuum to pick up the lingering dog fur? Stores like Bing Lee and the Good Guys are always promoting major sales over the Boxing Day period.


Like we mentioned, Boxing Day sales are a great opportunity to shop current season items before the new season commences. You'll find plenty of swimwear and beachwear brands with great offerings on pieces that were marked at full-price just last week. Also, be sure to check department stores and larger retailers who might be looking to clear stock too.

For a more targeted approach to shopping this boxing day, check out our roundup of the best Boxing Day sales in homewares, a selection of beauty and of course, fashion.

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