What is Boxing Day and why do we celebrate by shopping?

what is boxing day

Boxing Day. A national holiday all Australians know well. For some, the 26th of December is an essential day in the calendar to catch a break from the chaos of Christmas Day and the year that was. Many of us turn to the beach, setting up shop with our beach umbrella's and an icy cold esky in tow. For other 'traditionalists', the day often starts and ends with Australia's national sport playing softly in the background. And while we certainly know how to celebrate Boxing Day, very few of us probably know what the day is and what it represents.

What is Boxing Day and how did it get its name?

Naturally, there's more than one theory about how the day came to be – three to be exact. The first, suggests that the day was coined back in Britain during the 1830s; signifying the first weekday after Christmas that postal services could resume including the arrival of packages in boxes.

The second, most commonly shared theory is that following the festive celebrations the day before, churches and charities would collect money and gifts to distribute to lower socio-economic communities in an effort to share Christmas cheer. And finally, following on from the second theory, some believe the day originated as a celebration for public servants who worked on Christmas Day to thank them for their service.

Why do people shop on Boxing Day?

No one actually knows how Boxing Day became a day of shopping, but it's no secret that it's one of the biggest sales days of the year. Of course, the tradition originated as an in-store event, but thanks to the internet, we can now fill our carts from the comfort of our own home. Though we don't like to promote an approach of overindulgence, Boxing Day sales can be a great way to save on things you need for the year ahead. So, be smart and considerate about your shopping habits, and check out our Boxing Day sales guide for all the best deals.


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