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Why the weighted blanket could be the answer to your best sleep routine yet

weighted blankets

By now, we're all familiar with the phenomenon that is weighted blankets. In the last year particularly, weighted blankets have become one of the biggest wellness products on the market; and for good reason. For many, the use of the product to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleeping patterns has become routine. Given the nature of our high-paced lives and perennially exhausting to-do list, the weighted blanket seems to provide a solution to many of life's greatest struggles.

But how does it actually work?

As mentioned above, weighted blankets are a therapeutic tool that can help to relieve pain, lessen anxiety and improve mood. The way it can achieve this is through the extra weight that it carries – which, simulates a specific technique called deep pressure stimulation. The feeling can be likened to a heavy quilt; and emulates the feeling of being held or hugged – an action that research has proven can have a direct impact on anxiety and stress.

There are, however, a few things you need to know before investing in a weighted blanket – the first thing being the weight itself. The blanket you choose should be no more than 10% of an adult's body weight, and for children, the recommendation is around 3%. Additionally, not all weighted blankets are made equal; whether that be in the materials they use, the breathability or in the ease of care.

Below, we take you through six of the best weighted blankets currently available. A good night's sleep is merely a snuggle away.

Calming Blanket: Silver Ion Weighted Blanket

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This weighted blanket is unique in that it is made with silver-infused fabric. Silver ion is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Silver is known to be helpful in killing bacteria, certain viruses and mould. The natural process of ionisation means you can wash your sheets up to three times less than normal; thanks to the prevention of bacteria growth. This weighted blanket is also available in a range of sizes and weights, meaning you can select the option that suits you best.


Child – 91cmW x121cmH

Adults – 121cmW x 198cmH

Queen – 215cmW x 198cmH


Dependant on users weight.

Less than 25kg – 2.2kg kids blanket.

25kg to 55kg – 4.5kg blanket.

55kg to 85kg – 6.8kg blanket.

85kg+ – 9kg blanket.


Calming Blanket: Handwoven Weighted Blanket

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This handwoven weighted blanket not only delivers on functionality, but it doesn't compromise on form either. The stylish texture and range of colours will make a great addition on your couch or at the end of your bed. Although the blanket is only available in one size and weight, the blend of cotton and polyester helps to evenly distribute the pressure of the blanket across the total surface area it is covering. Additionally, this weighted blanket can be used in all climates as it doesn't trap heat – due to the woven nature of the blanket. It can also be used comfortably as a secondary blanket, over your current quilt or stand-alone in order to provide both weight and warmth.


One size available only – 122cmW x 183cmH


One weight available only – 9kg. Unlike the Silver Ion Blanket also from Calming Blanket, this style can be used on any individual who weighs over 40kg. This is because the material and design are specially created to distribute the weight over the surface area of your body.


Therapy: Premium Weighted Blanket

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Therapy’s Adaptive Series weighted blankets are made from 100% long staple premium cotton. Because the high density glass dura-beads are sewn into individual 10 x 10 cm pockets, the weight is guaranteed to be evenly distributed across your whole body. The beauty of the Adaptive Series is that it features a two-sided cover with one side made with cooling bamboo fabric and the other made with buttery soft micro plush. This allows you to pick the side that best suits your temperature preference.


Child – 102cmW x 152cmH

Adult XL/Queen – 152cmW x 203cmH

King – 205cmW x 223cmH

Super King – 205cmW x 256cmH


Dependant on users weight.


10kg to 35kg – 3.2kg blanket.

Adult XL/Queen:

35kg to 55kgs – 5kg blanket.

55kg to 80kg – 7kg blanket.

80kg to 110kg – 9kg blanket.

110kgs + – 11kg blanket.


100kg to 150kg (two people) – 10kg blanket.

150kg to 200kg (two people) – 12kg blanket.

Super King:

120kg to 180kg (two people) – 14kg blanket.


Adairs: Weighted Blanket

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This weighted blanket from Adairs is Oeko Tex 100 certified – made with five plush layers and ultra-soft fabric. Each blanket features quilted blocks filled with glass beads that promote Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS). DTPS is the concept of even pressure being applied to the body, which can help produce endorphins, regulate mood and evoke a sense of calm.


5.5kg – 180cmW x 210cmH

7kg – 180cmW x 210cmH

9kg – 180cmW x 210cmH

11kg – 180cmW x 210cmH


Dependant on users weight.

50kg to 65kg – 5.5kg blanket.

65kg to 85kg – 7kg blanket.

85kg to 100kg – 9kg blanket.

110kg to 115kg – 11kg blanket.

Koala Comforts: Bamboo Weighted Blanket


If you're wanting to purchase a weighted blanket but are worried about the heat factor, Koala Comforts' Bamboo Weighted Blanket is the option for you. The light, silky texture of the bamboo offers a cooling effect on the skin whilst the fabric’s natural moisture-wicking capabilities keep you dry even during the warmest nights.


Single – 92cmW x 188cmH

Double – 138cmW x 188cmH

Queen – 153cmW x 203cmH

King – 183cmW x 203cmH


Dependant on users weight.


50kg to 59kg – 3kg or 4kg blanket.


90kg to 99kg – 5kg or 6kg blanket.


100kg to 109kg – 8.5kg or 9.5kg blanket.


110kg to 119kg – 10.5kg or 11.5kg blanket.


The Oodie: Weighted Blanket


We're certainly all familiar with the Oodie phenomenon, but most of us probably don't realise that the brand also sells weighted blankets. The premium blanket is filled with non-toxic glass beads, separately sewn pockets and is hand washable. Given that it is only available in one size, the website recommends one person use for optimal weight distribution.


One size available only – 121cmW x 198cmL


25kg to 49kg –  4.5kg blanket.

50kg to 94kg – 6.8kg blanket.

95kg + – 9kg blanket.


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