Here’s what’s on this weekend across Australia

Let the weekend wash over you. Now is the time to take whatever you need. Whether that is hours spent alone wandering through a gallery or cool nights exploring with your mouth at Chinatown Melbourne Market. It's yours.

And for some help with things to do this weekend, continue on. Happy weekend-ing!



Restrictions are still in place for NSW and while we're hopeful they might ease soon, it doesn't seem likely to happen in time for the weekend. Hang tight and we'll be back next week with ideas on how to spend your weekend.



Melbourne is currently subject to a five-day stay at home order. Our thoughts are will the people of Melbourne and Victoria at this time.



The European Masterpieces exhibition from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is open and calling your name. Go check it out.

Brisbane Comedy Festival is back for 2021! With the opening night this weekend.

If you're looking fill up on more art, head over to QCA for Miri Badger's solo show, Drop of a Hat, at Grey Street Gallery.



See Wiradjuri artist Duncan Smith's show Reflections of my Country.

Warm up your vocal chords and slip on a red dress for The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever on Saturday.

Discover the origins of the Didjeridu or 'Yidaki' as it's known among the Yolngu people. 

South Australia

Immerse yourself in Van Gogh Alive and experience the artists world.

Be sure to see the Ramsay Art Prize at AGSA and take a look at Kate Bohunnis' winning work.

Adelaide Festival of Ideas is here this weekend. Delve into discussions on media, the environment, the pandemic and much more.

Illuminate Adelaide is on. Be sure to check out their program and find an experience most suited to you.


Western Australia

It's the last weekend to see a performance of West Side Story.

Wander through the Indigenous Olympians Outdoor Exhibition.

Spend your Friday night at Freo.Social and watch San Cisco perform.


Northern Territory

Head over to Araluen Arts Centre to see Rod Moss' show All My Fat Country.

Have a laugh at Comedy Garden Festival this Sunday.



Head over to the Paradise Lost exhibition and explore the works of convict artist Thomas Griffiths Wainewright

Put on your hiking boots, rug up and spend the day exploring Kunanyi. Make sure you leave yourself enough time and check the weather conditions on the day.

Celebrate Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival in true pagan spirit.


Image: San Cisco, Miri Badger

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