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Earth Month – Vestiaire Collective launches “Wardrobe Reality Check”


April 22, marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and to celebrate this, Vestiaire Collective - one of the leading luxury vintage online retailers, has launched Wardrobe Reality Check - an initiative designed to challenge fashion lovers around the world to consider the environmental impact of their wardrobe choices.


Why Wardrobe Reality Check?

Today’s current climate has definitely prompted many of us around the world to rethink and re-evaluate the way we work, consume and live. Vestiaire Collective’s mission for Wardrobe Reality Check is to inspire and motivate shoppers the world over to build an environmentally conscious wardrobe with pieces to last well into the future. It’s time to break unnecessary habits and shop with a conscious mind. And to celebrate the launch, Vestiaire has teamed up with five women around the world with an environmentally conscious mind and passion for sustainable fashion such as Lily Cole and Arizona Muse.


The challenge is simple

To participate, Wardrobe Reality Check asks us to follow a simple 4-step guide to assess the impact of our wardrobes, while also offering us insights on how we can make those small changes for immediate impact.

It’s no secret the fashion industry is one of the world’s most wasteful and polluting. It is up to us now to drive positive change and evolve for a more sustainable future. April is Earth Month, but our desire to act and make a difference should run further than 30 days. How will you make your mark?


What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an initiative that began in 1970 designed to educate and drive social change on environmental issues. The Earth Day Network (the organisation behind Earth Day) is the world's largest environmental movement and it aims to diversify and activate environmental change on a global scale. The message at the heart of the movement is that "our world needs transformational change". 50 years later, as we navigate the tumultuous year that is 2020, the mission behind Earth Day could not be prominent for our current lives.