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Vanilla French manicures are a subtler take on the humble French tip

vanilla french manicure

Last August we clocked the return of the humble French tip manicure, which along with low-waisted jeans, barely-there eyebrows and an onslaught of UGG boots, signalled that Y2K style had hit an all-time high. Revival fashion never does thing in halves, after all. However, when trends do swing back around, they always look refreshed, different. The same rule applies here. Instead of duplicating French tips entirely, a subtle variation has cropped up thanks to high profile nail artists and their high profile clientele. Coined by LA-based nail technician Zola Ganzorigt, the style is dubbed French Vanilla and here's how to achieve it.


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Rising up in tandem with TikTok's questionable Vanilla Girl aesthetic, which is every bit as bland as it sounds, the nail style is fairly straightforward and those who have been in the nail game for a long time may know it as an American manicure. It features all the hallmarks of a French Tip manicure – neutral base, white nib – except that the tip is soft and muted, with artists opting for a less severe white polish to complete the look. It's in the genre of my-nails-but-better if that's your kind of thing. And for nail regulars like Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, it certainly is.

How to create a French Vanilla manicure

Although Ganzorigt did not invent the concept of a French Vanilla manicure, the nail artist is its biggest champion of late. For this reason, to emulate the style we're taking a leaf out of her book. To create the look at home, you can use a host of colours. Ganzorigt uses OPI's beloved hue Funny Bunny for the tip and another colour from the Californian company called Put It In Neutral. Finish with a top coat and you've achieved it (we hope). The best part of the style is it's effortless to wear and create.


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