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Vanessa Paradis’ 90s French-girl style has endured it all


When we're looking at French-girl style, it's obvious no one does it better than the Birkin's, the Bardots, and the Paradis of the world. Though she may have come later than the former two, Vanessa Paradis is one of the originals. Catch the singer, actor and model in the eyes of her daughter, Lily-Rose, but the real immortalisation comes through images of the early 90s; peak Paradis, if you will. Below, you can find a compilation of images of Vanessa Paradis 90s French-girl style that serve as proof.


The LDB to end all LBD's.

We love an 80s denim moment.

Almost as much as we love a pinstripe moment.

More denim, this time with a humble loafer. Us every time we have a free moment in Paris and want to blend in with the locals.

The cream blazer of our dreams.

A crotchet icon, especially with Lenny Kravitz kneeling at hers.

Off to buy a three pack of Bonds chesty's.

Queen of the black string choker and we'll always have time for it.

As we will with the hot pants!

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Image: @Vanessaparadisyoung