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It’s not politics – the Great Barrier Reef is unequivocally in danger

In news to absolutely no one - except apparently the Australian Federal Government - the Great Barrier Reef looks set to be listed as "in danger" by the UN World Heritage body, UNESCO.

The response from our Federal Government was lacklustre at best. Environment minister Sussan Ley said that the announcement was politically motivated. "Clearly there were politics behind it; clearly those politics have subverted a proper process."

It is truly baffling that representatives of our own government can make a claim like this when the current status of our Great Barrier Reef has been so widely reported across the scientific community and in the media.

The reality is that the Australian Federal Government has not met key targets around water quality in order to help the Reef survive. And even our own Reef authority downgraded the outlook of the Reef from 'poor' to 'very poor' in 2019. So, this really should not be news to anyone, at all, anywhere.

Our Government's response to climate action has been widely criticised and not gone unnoticed by the major political powers of the world. It has been suggested by Labor foreign affairs spokesperson Penny Wong that this may have been the reason why US President Biden snubbed Scott Morrison at the G7 summit.

With all this in mind, here are some not-so-fun facts about our current state of affairs:


It paints a grim picture. One that certainly seems to justify the UNESCO recommendation that the Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage site 'in danger'.

But sure, call it a politically motivated slander by China.


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Image: Thomas Owen on Unsplash