Ultra violet: Tatcha’s new serum shines brightest

There’s a curious phenomenon that occurs when winter rolls around. Like magpies drawn to all things shiny, we’re suddenly captivated by any products that promise to make us feel like it’s summer. Gradual tan – we’re applying liberally. Highlighter – it's a yes from us.

But the most effective way to beat the winter blues starts with skincare, which is why we’ve cleared prime real estate in our bathroom cabinets for Tatcha’s Violet-C Brightening serum. The bottle, for starters, is an ombrè-hued fuchsia and orange cylinder that prompts vivid recall of the beachside cocktails we sipped all summer.

The consistency is fluid-like (as opposed to a gel), and one pump covers a wide surface area. For those apprehensive about the serum’s lightness during a period that generally requires ample moisture, never fear – it’s quick absorbing but also potent. Packed with a 20 per cent concentration of vitamin C, Japanese angelica root, fruit-derived AHAs, and Japanese beautyberry, this is a product that offers intensive brightening results over a short period of time.

Colour and fragrance-free – you’ll find this in our arsenal all year-round, working double time in winter and accompanying our natural glow when summer does come knocking. Cocktails, anyone?

TATCHA Violet-C Brightening serum