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This vegan serum will cut your 8-step skincare routine in half – and give you the softest skin of your life

U beauty

The eight-step skincare routine has become something of a norm these days. As we learn more about new ingredients and the best ways to support our complexion, the number of steps involved in skincare continues to grow.

Unfortunately, the amount of available time we have seems to trend the opposite way. Between work and life admin, time for self care seems shrink as each week passes - at least it does for me.

Whenever a new product emerges promising to take your eight steps down to just three or four, I'm all ears.

Meet U Beauty.

It's a skincare line of just two products: the Resurfacing Compound serum and The Super Smart Hydrator.

You may have even heard of this brand before. It's received rave reviews from beauty editors everywhere and the brand completely sold out within just 48 hours of launching.

Now these products are back in stock and newly available to Australians through Net-a-Porter. We sought to discover whether this brand lives up to its reputation.

Each of the U Beauty products has been designed to be a multitasker, an all-in-two. In fact, apart from your cleanser, these are the only two products you'll need - both morning and night.


U beauty


I know you've probably heard that before. I'd certainly heard it before and I definitely approached these products as a skeptic. A brand that promises to do so much sounds a little too good to be true, especially considering it's completely vegan and totally clean.

But after a week with these products, I can now tell you the U Beauty lives up to every bit of its hype.

According to the description of the Resurfacing Compound, it's been dubbed "a holy-grail addition to your skincare routine." And I can't disagree. After a week, my skin is the smoothest it's been in months. It's soft and my usual bouts of congestion are nearly gone. I normally have to use a toner, water essence, peel, two serums, a moisturiser and eye cream to get my skin look half this good. But with just the Resurfacing Compound and its Super Smart Hydrator partner - I've paused all my other skincare - my skin looks healthier than I've seen it in a long time.

The Resurfacing Compound is a serum consistency. It promises to "brighten, resurface, renew, tighten, equalise, and defend with one complexion-boosting compound." The Super Smart Hydrator is halfway between a moisturiser and serum and it promises to "resolves compromised barrier functionality where skin is most parched" and that it is "able to effectively transport more water by weight to the deep layers of skin." Between them, the pair contains stable retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants including stabilised vitamins C + E, peptides and AHAs.

The question on my mind after reading all that information was: how does U Beauty do all, and use all those ingredients, with just two products? The answer is a whole lot of new, innovative technology.


U beauty


U Beauty's two products use something called Siren Capsules - this is the brand's own, patent-pending technology. Siren Capsules are molecules that mimic healthy skin, and are designed to lure nasty free radicals (the compounds that damage your skin) like a magnet. According to U Beauty, Siren Capsules are even more appealing to free radicals than regular healthy skin.

Once it has lured a free radical, the Siren Capsule neutralises it. Then the real magic starts. Siren Capsules are called capsules because they're packed full of high-quality and carefully-selected, skin-loving ingredients. All these skin rejuvenating ingredients are then released at the site of the free radical, so your skin receives TLC where it needs it most.

While all of this sounds wild and even a little too good to be true - the results are clear. These products work, and they do the heavy lifting of at least seven or eight others. The Resurfacing Compound alone has replaced my water essence, my AHA serum, my retinol and my face oil. The Super Smart Hydrator has replaced my hyaluronic acid, my moisturiser and my eye cream. And you'll need just one pump of each to get these stellar results.


U beauty



Designed for the most sensitive skin, this powerful pair leaves no irritation. Created with a sustainable mindset, using non-toxic and 100% totally clean ingredients, this is skincare at its best. Safe, multi-functional and effective.

U Beauty's power duo is available through Net-a-Porter.


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