Toyota wants to give you the ultimate snow essentials pack worth $1,100!

Toyota Road to Snow Competition

We're giving two lucky RUSSH readers a Toyota Road To Snow bundle worth $1,100. Featuring boots from Merry People, plus vouchers from, POC Sports, XTM and Toyota partners JBL and Ampol fuel, it's the ultimate winter getaway pack. What are you waiting for? You've got to be in it to win it!

It may be winter but it doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Whether you're a winter sports enthusiast or more of a "I'll meet you at the pub afterwards" kinda person there are plenty of reasons why you should be just as excited for a snow holiday as for a beach one. Still not convinced? Let Toyota Ambassadors and Winter Olympic Snowboarders Ben Tudhope and Belle Brockhoff give you their top five reasons to consider embracing the winter chill this year.


Ben Tudhope's Top 5:

Winter sports like snowboarding and skiing ignite the fires of creativity and fun like no other. [There's nothing like the feeling of] carving down the slopes to spark a sense of freedom and adventure.

Snow-covered landscapes paint the most breathtaking canvases in the world, transforming familiar settings into enchanting winter wonderlands. Whether it's delicate snowflakes gently resting on city buildings or rugged mountain ranges, [...] driving through these snowy realms is a feast for the eyes.

The transition from the freezing cold mountains to the warmth of the car creates a sensory experience like no other. You know that a journey to a warm, cosy, and inviting snow house or cabin awaits you. Imagine cuddling up by a crackling fireplace with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and relishing in the company of loved ones.

The snow holds a special place in the hearts of families. From the exhilarating road trip, where favourite tunes fill the air, to the shared joy of riding the slopes, the snowy environment creates a unique bond that transcends age.

Off-roading through snowy landscapes presents enthusiasts with an exhilarating adventure. With a terrain-appropriate vehicle such as a Toyota LandCruiser or Hilux comes an open world of exploration.


Belle Brockhoff’s Top 5:

Australian snow resorts are not just about skiing and snowboarding; they also offer a diverse range of culinary experiences. After a day on the slopes, you can indulge in cosy alpine lodges, fine dining restaurants, and après-ski bars. Treat yourself to delicious local cuisine, warming beverages, and enjoy the ambiance of the snow-covered surroundings.

Snow gum trees (Eucalyptus pauciflora) are native to Australia and are predominantly found in the alpine regions of the Australian snow resorts. These trees have adapted to survive in the harsh, cold climates, and their distinct silver-coloured bark and twisted branches create a breathtaking winter landscape. They provide a stunning contrast against the snow-covered mountains and are an iconic feature of the Australian alpine environment.

Australian snow resorts offer a wide range of outdoor activities that cater to all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner looking to try snowboarding, there are slopes and lessons available for everyone. Additionally, you can enjoy activities like snowshoeing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, and even snowball fights! Many resorts also offer dedicated kids' programs, ski schools, and child-minding services, making it an ideal choice for a family vacation.

The Australian snowfields are home to a variety of unique wildlife species that have adapted to the alpine environment. While exploring the snow-covered terrain, you may have the chance to spot native animals such as kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and even the elusive mountain pygmy possum.

Compared to some of the larger international snow destinations, Australian snow resorts offer a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You'll find smaller crowds and a welcoming community of skiers and snowboarders. This laid-back vibe allows you to enjoy your time on the slopes and connect with fellow snow enthusiasts, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.


How to enter:

To be in the running to win one of two Toyota Road To Snow prize packs simply enter your details below. The lucky winners will each receive a $250 XTM snow and outdoor gear voucher, a $200 POC helmet and goggles voucher, a $100 Ampol fuel voucher, a $100 JBL electronics voucher, a $200 Merry People gumboots voucher and a $250 voucher. Worth over $1,100 you' be crazy not to enter!

Competition closes August 17. Terms and conditions apply.


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