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Timothée Chalamet is an oddly perfect Edward Scissorhands

timothee chalamet edgar scissorhands

If you were going revamp and renew the role of Edward Scissorhands, Timothée Chalamet is the obvious choice. And Chalamet made this very clear in his latest role.

No, unfortunately were not getting a new serve of 90s nostalgia in the form of an Edward Scissorhands remake. Rather Chalamet dons his Edward Scissorhands garb to take on the role of Edgar Scissorhands in a Superbowl commercial for Cadillac.

The ad also features Winona Ryder who reprises her role as Kim Boggs from the original film, but in the current day and time. Kim is Edgar's mother, who narrates the advertisement which tells the story of a boy trying to live his life in our modern day world with scissors for hands - much like the original Tim Burton film. We see Chalamet burst a football when trying to catch it, severe the stop pull-cord on a bus and disrupt a lesson on magnets in a lecture hall. But then our protagonist Edgar finds a little peace when discovering Cadillac's hands-free driving feature which allows him to operate a car, even if he can't turn the wheel.

The story is an adorable and fun little throwback. Not only is Chalamet the dark and brooding heartthrob that we deserve, but the short tale offers an alternate theory that Kim and Edward really did end up together in the 90s film - and even had a son.

Hawk-eyed Timothée fans have been speculating on this project for months when the actor posted a video with the iconic Danny Elfman score on his Instagram Stories. While this didn't turn out to be the movie remake we were hoping for, given Chalamet's perfect fit into this character we're not ruling it out for the future. Especially since Timmy has been tipped as the lead for other iconic film revamps, like Willy Wonka.

Creator and director of Edward Scissorhands certainly gave his approval of Timmy in the role.

“It’s rare when a work you’re proud of continues to live on and evolve with the times, even after 30 years. I’m glad to see Edgar coping with the new world! I hope both fans and those being introduced to Edward Scissorhands for the first time enjoy it.”

So, who knows what might happen in the future?


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