RUSSH Loves: The chicest in eyewear, the new timeless classics

Eyewear goes through trends just like any other accessory – we lived through the maximalist, bug-eyed sunglasses trend of the early oughts, pioneered by It-girls of the time like the Olsens, and the Hiltons.

We entered our Ray-Ban Wayfarers-obsessed era in the 2010s – I'd argue in large part due to the Twilight red carpet's K-Stew and R-Patz each donning a pair of the signature frames. It was the Tumblr era and the rise of Lana del Ray – floral-appliqued and neon-gridded frames ruled the eyewear game.

It was this bolder-is-better attitude that softened into the John Lennon-inspired tiny sunglasses, and more relaxed and rounded styles, that were popular in the latter part of the last decade. That is, until we hit another bout of the Y2K craze – bedazzled, frameless, Anastasia-esque eyewear and the return of the 'Speed Dealer' wraparounds now finding their way into the wardrobes of many.

But if you're looking for something that will defy the trends – something that won't feel like it dates your outfit by several years – then we here at RUSSH have rounded up 10 of our favourite timeless eyewear styles; a few trusty frames we'll be sure you return to year after year – and most importantly, ones that don't give a damn about the changing of trends or being too transfixed in the seasonal.


1. BONNIE CLYDE Black Show & Tell Sunglasses

2. Lu Goldie Nina Sunglasses

3. CHIMI 10.2 in Brown


4. Gucci Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses


5. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic


6. Prada Symbole sunglasses


7. Balenciaga Eyewear Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses


8. QUAY Felt Cute Sunglasses in Green


9. Charles & Keith Gabine Recycled Acetate Oval Sunglasses - Cream


10. bassike illesteva vail black

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Image: Pinterest.