RUSSH Loves: The chicest in eyewear, the new timeless classics


Up until recently, eyewear was never considered a big priority of mine. If anything, it was probably seen as one of the last things I would consider, as there was nothing more in life that I loved than the feeling of the sun. However, come 2021 and after years of living my best life, thriving at the beach; a scare came for me earlier this year when a little freckle stationed itself a little too cosy on the surface of my eye. A few trips to the ophthalmologist later, I finally learned (the hard way of course) that there is indeed a reason for screening your eyes against the sun; one a little more consequential than a fashion statement or accessorising with daywear.

Personally, to me, there are two ways one can approach eyewear. One; purely as an accessory - which by all means, go big and go wild - live your best life. Then there is another. A challenge in which I faced leaving the doctors clinic, in looking for something I could wear every single day, like a hair cut, something that felt like me and something that would never date. As it goes in the world of specs, I found myself overwhelmed - from the mirrored and polarised to the grandest of shapes and schemes, it seems there was too much available and those that shape shifted every season and month to date. So, below, in timely anticipation for the spring, we decided to round up our favourite type of frame - one that caters for multiple personalities as it does, standing both the test of time in style and the functional, the classic and the beautiful.

So below, RUSSH round up some of our favourites in eyewear; a few trusty frames we'll be sure you return to year after year - and most importantly, ones that don't give a shit about the changing of trends or being too transfixed in the seasonal.



Bottega Veneta Brown Light Ribbon Sunglasses



The Row X Oliver Peoples L.A. CC Sunglasses



Saint Laurent Black Rectangular Sunglasses



Jacques Marie Mage Enzo Square Acetate Sunglasses



Celine Green Aviator Metal Sunglasses



Dior Signature Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses






Gucci Black & Grey Oval Sunglasses






The Row X Oliver Peoples Victory LA Sunglasses


Toteme Classics Sunglasses



Bottega Veneta Cat Eye Sunglasses


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