A masterclass in craftsmanship and connection, Tiffany & Co. launches its Tiffany Knot Collection

tiffany knot collection

How do we talk about connection? Are there adequate words to explain the gravity of one of life's most deeply felt emotions? Whether between lovers, places, friends or those we hold nearest to us, it's often impossible to put our feelings to paper. Rather, it's the memories and the keepsakes that have the ability to say what we often can't; uniting us within a realm of unspoken and mutual understanding. This is the energy behind Tiffany & Co.'s new Tiffany Knot Collection.

The striking new collection seamlessly blends the worlds of industrial design with modern sensibility; creating pieces that feel grounded with a touch of sentimentality. Tiffany Knot represents a nod of respect to the brand's hometown, with each design drawing inspiration from an architectural symbol taken from the streets of New York, the chain-link.

The Tiffany Knot Collection speaks to the undeniable sense of individuality present among New Yorkers – a shared experience that commands strength of character and an unspoken understanding of one another. A uniqueness in the way they communicate, celebrate and appreciate life's biggest moments; a strong sense of self and a certain state of mind in tow. Both subversive and audacious, Tiffany Knot can be worn as both a statement of rebellion and a talisman of connection: connections with those who ‘know’ and a connection with New York itself.

One of the most unique, and intrinsically Tiffany & Co. design aspects of the collection is the way the pieces tap into an interplay of opposites. Smooth organic forms are contrasted with striking jagged angles on bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings. The signature graphic knot motif – which will no doubt, become a hallmark of the luxury brand – is crafted in both 18k yellow and rose gold styles; some featuring pavé diamond iterations for that extra touch.

A masterclass in innovative craftsmanship, rigor of form and precision of proportions, the Tiffany Knot Collection redefines everything we know about connection. You can shop the full collection now, at

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