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Angelina Jolie returns to her action-movie roots, with her new film, ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’

Those Who Wish Me Dead

When Angelina Jolie hit our screens as Lara Croft, arguably one of the biggest female action stars in history; we knew we were in for action-movie greatness. Although her Tomb Raider days are now well behind her, Jolie's latest film, Those Who Wish Me Dead, proves that some skills can never be unlearned.

We won't lie, Jolie's latest project is certainly a noticeable pivot from her role as Disney's greatest villain, Maleficent. The film is based on the 2014 novel of the same name, written by best-selling American author, Michael Kortya; and sees Jolie portray Hannah Faber, a veteran smokejumper from Montana with a heartbreaking and harrowing backstory. While still healing from the trauma of losing those close to her in a recent bushfire, she stumbles upon Connor Casserly; a 12-year-old boy who witnessed the murder of his father and is now being hunted by assassins.

Basically, the complete opposite of light, Sunday evening movie night material.

What follows is a series of intense forest chases and close calls; before the assassins decide to light a fire as a means of covering their tracks. Adding yet another obstacle as Hannah and Connor fight to excape the growing flames while simultaneously evading the men who want them dead.

The film also features actors Nicholas Hoult, Tyler Perry and Aiden Gillen, (who you will recognise as Littlefinger in Game of Thrones); as the three deadly assassins. Screenwriter, Taylor Sheridan, who is best known for his work on the hit-TV show, Yellowstone, is also part of the all-star team; joining Kortya in creating the script.

Those Who Wish Me Dead is set to premiere in Australian cinemas on May 13. Until then, you can watch the trailer for Those Who Wish Me Dead below, but we recommend buckling in because this is certainly a wild ride.

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