The ultimate in relaxation at Osprey Spa

Entering the Osprey Spa in Byron Bay – all light wood and large open spaces – is like walking into a calming world that slows your breath and quiets your mind. If you’re aren’t looking to fix any immediate concerns but simply looking to relax then the Precious Elements Massage is for you.

To begin your therapist talks you through your massage and directs you to choose an affirmation card (I selected There are always flowers for those who want to see them), an essential oil blend (notes of bergamot) followed by a stone (rose quartz) that will be placed on your heart chakra intermittently throughout the treatment.

Once the treatment begins you’ll experience a mix of full body massage (firm), pressure point therapy and hot compresses that in your suspended state feels like warm oil being poured on your back.

Post treatment your therapist leads you to the large beds in the communal space of the spa to slowly come back to life over a warm tea and water with lemon. Take your time, you’ll want to soak in this feeling (and the oils) for as long as possible.