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The Slow & China Heights present Brooklyn Whelan

Limitless synergy. Boutique Bali holiday stay, The Slow, has announced a partnership with acclaimed Sydney gallery, China Heights. Nestled in Canggu, the boundary-breaking Room 13 gallery will play host to a rotation of diversely talented artists including Otis Hope Carey and Gemma O’Brien.

First up is one of Australia’s leading contemporary visual artists, Brooklyn Whelan. Influenced heavily by weather patterns and futurism, Whelan works primarily with acrylics on canvas. “As a painter, I work to develop paintings that speak about the beauty and power that exists within weather patterns. I constantly find myself staring into oncoming storms.”

A dynamic network of artists against a sensually tropic backdrop. See you on the island.

Upcoming exhibitions:
February 17 - Brooklyn Whelan
June 16 - Annalisa Ferraris
August 11 - Otis Carey
October 6 - Jessie Lizotte
December 1 - Gemma O Brien