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The road to ‘Apple Crumble’ with Winston Surfshirt

Show Love. From summer festivals, European excursions and recording on home soil, Winston Surfshirt share with RUSSH postcards from the road - touring their second studio album, Apple Crumble.

"This is the house I grew up in on English soil - me and the boys spent a weekend there writing beats. Just before we left to head back to London we set up Bone’s camera on a bin and took this photo that I ended up putting on the album cover."

"Bik Julio ft. full cream choccy milk security guard … at a festival in Adelaide … I think."

"Backstage at a Melbourne Festival - cannot remember which one, might be Groovin' The Moo."

"This became a thing in Europe for some reason. Nailed it though."

"Mi K riding up to a huge swing that’s near my place in West Sussex. We sat up on the hill this day with the beat for Someone New and wrote the words out."

"I took this shot of the boys at Primrose Hill while on tour in the UK. Think this was the first day there and a first time in Europe for some of the boys. I popped this shot on the album cover."

"This is us in the lounge room making a mess both domestically and musically. The little cupboard under the stairs wasn’t my bedroom, FYI."

"Another from Melbourne. Bustlip, Julio, Me and The Bone shot by @cacheone on a little film camera."

"From side of stage in Perth, NYE 2019."

"Dool on the iPhone. This also on the album cover."

"Backstage [at] Sydney City Limits."