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Kaia Gerber reminds us that her Hollywood takeover is not ending anytime soon, starring in the new short film, ‘The Palisades’

The Palisades

It's not uncommon to see some of the world's most notable and in-demand models taking a trip into the world of cinema. For some, it is merely a short stint – a fleeting cameo or a series at most before they return to the runway. But for others, like the one and only Kaia Gerber, the on-screen residency lasts a little longer. If you thought her recent appearances in the American Horror Story franchise were just a fad, think again. The announcement of her upcoming role in Carissa Gallo’s upcoming short film The Palisades says otherwise.

It's no secret that Gerber tends to be a woman of mystery, and the premise of her upcoming film is just that – a mystery. Unfortunately, there's no word just yet on when The Palisades will hit our screens, but from the trailer and the film's short description alone; it seems like the storyline might take a much darker turn than the violet and light pink poster might suggest.


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Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that the supermodel and director have worked together. The duo briefly joined forces several years ago to produce Last Days of Summer, a short, two-minute video that accompanied the model’s cover for Teen Vogue’s Icons issue.

Below, we're sharing everything we know about Gerber's upcoming film so far.


What is The Palisades about?

There's no official synopsis for The Palisades just yet, but from what we can extract from the trailer, there seems to be a heavy focus on female friendship. In the opening scene, we see Gerber lying alone amongst pastel-coloured sheets; shortly after, we hear her voiceover say “It can be hard to find a friend you can really trust.” A sinister warning of what's to come.

Later in the trailer, Gerber continues to explain her character's connection to female friendships, stating; “I always felt like other girls were acting a certain way to make someone like them. But then I was always left wondering: what are they really like?


Who stars with Kaia Gerber in the film?

Starring alongside Gerber is The Morning Show’s Taylor Cooper and Violet’s Esther-Rose McGregor – yes, the daughter of our boy Ewan McGregor. If it wasn't for the ominous tone of the film, we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't want to hang out with three of the world's coolest faces in a big, pastel house.


Watch the trailer for The Palisades below


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