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What everyone is saying about the latest episode of ‘The Idol’

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At this rate, there really is no point analysing The Idol. Are people still watching it? Do we even care? Everything that can be said has been said (or is being furiously worked into an unpublished feature ahead of next week's finale). Tedros Tedros should be locked up. Jocelyn is hot. Leia is funny. Destiny is the only normal person. All these random cult members are unsurprisingly talented. I wonder what Hari Nef's Talia has cooking up?

Episode 4 of The Idol raised more questions than it answered. Like I get Sam Levinson is making a point, but how many more gratuitous orgasm scenes must we the audience, and the audience at Jocelyn's house endure? Jocelyn is privy enough to Tedros' tactics to stick up for Leia, but she's happy to let him torture Xander? Where is Leia during all these shock collar scenes? Why is Karl Glusman (AKA Zoë Kravitz's ex) here? Since when is heartthrob Rob and Jocelyn still on speaking terms? Does Tedros have any other jackets? What does Mike Dean really think about his slippery friend? Will Destiny and Chaim wait until they have the three songs before chucking Tedros to the curb? Will Levinson plug Half Magic beauty in all his shows, kind of like Tarantino's fictional Red Apple cigarettes? Is that what Jocelyn smokes??

Anyway, here's what the internet had to say about the episode. And if you're wondering where to shop all of those cute and skimpy little outfits, our fashion and brand features editor, Ella O'Keeffe, has done some digging for you.


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