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The feeling I get when I’m with you

The one we'll always come back to. Photographer and contributor of RUSSH, Spela Kasal, spent three years documenting landscapes, friends and moments in time that evoked feelings of peace, romance, bewilderment or gratitude, that Kasal needed to leave behind in order to move on. The result is The Feeling I Get When I'm With You - a personal project for the photographer and edited and designed by OMO Creates

"If I had to chose a favourite image from the book it would have been that of Katharina and Dai. It's a couple of friends, they are married. She's German and he's Japanese, but they both live in Paris," explains Kasal. "At the time I took the picture Katharina was living in Spain in a beautiful place by the sea close to La Coruna, and Dai was visiting. We took a little road trip together and it was a beautiful day. I love the contrast between her pale skin and him being so fully clothed with dark hair."