Show us what you’re made of: Laneway announces its 2020 lineup

With headliners including Charli XCX and The 1975, Laneway's 2020 lineup has us ready for festival season. To celebrate, we look back at the faces from last year's billing, captured backstage by photographer Noah van der Veer (see the full 2020 lineup below).

Charlie Collins

"With writing and singing ... I think I'm most myself. I can really express myself, so when I write I don't hold back."

"I remember going to Laneway last year, I never thought I'd get to be playing at it this year."

Courtney Barnett

"I think I've learnt a lot over my career of music. I think you have to figure that stuff out for a reason, I'm sure there's plenty of things I would tell my [younger] self but that I wouldn't have made the mistakes that I made, that made me who I am."

"Laneway's a really cool festival because it's stretched over a period of time you get to meet people and become friends ... it's nice just hanging out with a community of different performers and lots of different genres, you know. People that might not come together otherwise."


"[Audiences] should walk away with sweat, for sure. I mean, I feel like you should be open to having a good time. I think the show is like a tennis match, anything where there's push and pull. If you give me energy I'll give it right back."

"I get a lot of it from the people. Like the cheering and all that, I could do that all day. And my band members - it's like a bunch of inside jokes happening all over the show."

Jorja Smith

"I've never done a travelling festival, this is my first ... it's crazy coming out to Australia because it's like coming to the other side of the world and all my music's being heard here. It's really cool."

Middle Kids

"I feel like you can never feel successful, ’cos you'll just build another thing to achieve. But I think you can feel thankful. We feel thankful a lot."

"The more you live the more you realise that happiness exists at the same time as pain ... I feel like we're getting better at holding both."

The 1975
Charli XCX
Earl Sweatshirt
Ocean Alley
Tones and I
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Hockey Dad
The Chats
Mahalia (East Coast only)

Stella Donnelly
Fontaines D.C
Oliver Tree
Omar Apollo
Hatchie (East Coast only)
Spacey Jane (Excl. Fremantle)
Kucka (Excl. Adelaide)
Pist Idiots
JessB (East Coast only)
George Alice (Adelaide only)
The Lazy Eyes (Sydney only)