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Steven Spielberg shares the story of his childhood in ‘The Fabelmans’

the fabelmans steven spielberg

With more than 30 films under his belt and five decades spent in the public eye, Steven Spielberg has avoided getting too personal. His private life has been kept just that. But at the age of 75, the director has decided it's finally time to open up about his childhood in the semi-autobiographical drama The Fabelmans.

Having just premiered at Toronto Film Festival, audiences are just getting their first taste of the film which features newcomer Gabriel LaBelle as aspiring filmmaker and teenager Sammy Fabelman. The film charts Sammy's budding fascination with films, after he catches his first film The Greatest Show on Earth as a child and is haunted by the experience. He begins to compulsively recreate one particularly frightening scene on his Super 8, and as we watch him grow, so does his love of film.

At the same time, his parents' marriage is deteriorating in the background. Partly due to his father's job as an engineer which uproots them from New Jersey to Arizona to Northern California over the space of a couple years. Paul Dano plays his pragmatic father Burt, while Michelle Williams is his encouraging and sensitive mother Mitzi, who could've been a concert pianist. Already there is speculation around Williams receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance in the role.

Joining the cast is Seth Rogan as honorary "uncle" Benny, while David Lynch as John Ford and Judd Hirsch as Uncle Boris are compelling with their one-scene cameos. Add into the mix some anti-semitic rhetoric by a few high school jocks, lashings of nostalgia and an unrequited crush, the film mirrors Spielberg's own coming of age.

Although The Fabelmans is doing the film festival circuit, it isn't due to hit theatres until November 11. In the meantime, content yourself by previewing the trailer to the film below. We're always in the mood for a Spielberg movie.

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