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The 2023 LVMH Prize winner has been announced

LVMH Prize Winner 2023

The 2023 LVMH Prize winner has been announced today, with Milan-based brand Setchu by Satoshi Kuwata taking home the 400,000-euro prize, as well as a year-long mentorship by a dedicated LVMH team.

“Congratulations to Satoshi Kuwata,” LVMH shared on Instagram. “We commend him for his hard work, dedication and vision. He’s come a long way and already built a legacy for himself. We can’t wait to see what he creates in the future.”

Born and raised in Japan, Kuwata moved to London at 21 before he moved to New York and Paris, prior to settling in his home in Milan. With an "east meets west" ethos built into the brand DNA, Kuwata's brand name speaks to the sentiment, originating from the Japanese phrase, “wayo setchu,” with “wayo” meaning West and “setchu” meaning compromise.

Currently, Kuwata works almost entirely alone, leaning on his community for support when in need. With the hefty endowment the LVMH prize offers, Kuwata will be able to access resources that are integral for the growth of Setchu, His ultimate goal is reportedly for Setchu to become a heritage company, something that outlives even him.

In tandem with the LVMH Prize winners, the 2023 Karl Lagerfeld Prize winners have been announced, and are Better by Julie Pelipas, the Ukrainian womenswear brand which champions the use of repurposed dead stock, and Luca Magliano of Magliano, an Italian menswear brand. Both will receive 200,000 euros and a year long mentorship.


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