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We want to give you a free pair of recycled sunglasses from Australian brand Szade. And just in time for summer.

I don't know about you, but after the last 18 months it feels like our priorities have changed. The Black Lives Matter movement was, and still is, a shocking reminder of our need for greater inclusiveness and diversity, whilst continuing lockdowns across the world have reminded us of the importance of our loved ones and the freedoms we so often take for granted. For me, the COP26 climate summit was also a huge wakeup call, reminding us that whilst we're trying, we're not doing nearly enough to keep our planet alive.

Thankfully this need for change hasn't gone unheard by brands such as Szade who are championing not only accessibility and inclusivity, but also sustainability. And they're doing it in style.


The Szade brand:

Since launching in 2020, Australian sunglass brand Szade has changed the game when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry. By making sunglasses from recycled sunglasses, they've created a revolutionary recycling process which is unlike any other in the world.

With a holistic approach to sustainability, Szade aspires to develop the cleanest, most efficient, most on trend sunglasses in the world. What's even better? They're doing it using sustainable materials and methods from the ground up. 

So what does that actually mean?

After a long journey of research, development and innovation Szade created a brand that is completely non-binary, sustainable, on trend, inclusive and accessible.

“We felt compelled to disrupt the market and create an accessible product that gave our community a choice; the ability to choose to buy and wear products that are better for the planet - something that everyone can feel good wearing both physically and consciously”.

With the goal to break the cycle of waste and excess in the fashion industry, Szade sunglasses are not only created using broken, discarded, and obsolete sunglasses that were destined for landfill, but the frames are also recyclable. This unique synergy of advanced recycling technology and visionary design, has meant the brand created something which is more than a product and effectively forms a closed loop cycle.

Sounds almost too good to be true right?



How to enter:

To be in the running to win one of 25 pairs of Szade sunglasses simply enter your details below. Competition closes December 22. Terms and conditions apply.


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