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Cheap thrills: sustainable Halloween costumes without the waste

With the nightmarish idea that each Halloween, at least seven million costumes end up in landfill, we felt it was time to compile a list of costumes that are either already accidentally in your arsenal or can be bought and up-cycled into your daily wardrobe. Inspired by some of our favourite on-screen fashion moments, these Halloween costumes are a time and money savvy option for those who feel inclined to make the effort without contributing to the oft-wasteful culture of an otherwise all-round good time.

 Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

While Golightly’s long black dress, diamonds and dark glasses are a classic go-to for all hallows eve, might we draw your attention towards her often overlooked pyjama chic moment that we feel was equally iconic. Nothing says multi-purpose like an oversized men’s shirt, and if you don’t own one, it’s likely a male counterpart, brother or dad will have one lying around (or nearest thrift store in a bind).

Casey Becker from Scream

Luckily, cable knit cardigans and sweaters are making their way back into our wardrobes, making them perfect for the transitional season along with a Casey Becker costume. Pair with your faithful vintage Levi’s. Bonus points include sourcing an old phone to carry around (and being a blonde), or purchasing a blonde wig to drive the look home.

Elvira Hancock from Scarface

If you’re more inclined to dial up the drama but want to lean to the chicer side, Hancock is your girl. Owning a silk slip as we move into the warmer months is never a bad investment, especially if it makes you feel like Michelle Pfeiffer.

Elle Driver from Kill Bill

For us, the most achievable of Driver’s looks is her pantsuit moment (unless you have an old nurse costume that could do with repurposing). A quick trip to the dollar store for an eye-patch, paired with a black blazer and silk undershirt makes for a slightly more refreshing Kill Bill reference when straying from The Bride’s coveted yellow costume.

Jack and Wendy Torrance from The Shining

Checked shirts and turtlenecks will always be pieces we return to in different iterations, and while Jack and Wendy’s memorable looks lean on the frumpier side, they can be simple yet effective as a duo or solo. Complement Wendy’s costume with heavy contour, a red nose and a baseball bat, and Jack’s with a strong comb-over and (fake) axe, and you’ve got yourself a foolproof option.