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Smoothie recipes to welcome the warmer months

Personally, I'm not particularly interested in drinking smoothies during the winter. Similarly to salads, I'm simply not called to cold, light, meals when I could be 100% more comforted by something like oatmeal. Thankfully, the colder months are finally behind us which means smoothie party at my place for the next few months.

Is there anything better than ingesting something that serves health purposes, fills you up, and cools you down? I would argue that there isn't when breakfast in summer is concerned, but we all know how repetitive blended banana and spinach can be, which is why we've done the leg work for you and compiled five non-boring smoothies for your daily dose.

The Greenest Smoothie


The perfect pick-me-up if getting your greens in is your ticket. This traditionally green smoothie has the added twist/boost of matcha powder to really get you going.


Cherry Almond Smoothie


Basically a Cherry Ripe in a glass sans chocolate. Fresh cherries, almond meal and agave come together as a dairy-free treat for any time of day. If you're looking to thicken things up for smoothie bowl purposes (which I would recommend as a low-key summer desert) freeze your cherries, add less liquid, and throw in half a frozen banana.


Mango CBD Smoothie


For all the anxious bb's out there, this one is for you. Add CBD into your smoothie like any other ingestible beauty supplement and let this combo of mango, ginger, and coconut water soothe your nerves.


Caramel Coconut Spice Smoothie

Health food masquerading as dessert is my favourite kind of health food, unsurprisingly. This spicy and sweet smoothie is everything your after-dinner treat self wants and more.


Blueberry, Lime and Cashew Smoothie


This Bon Appetit recipe is what I would imagine a vegan blueberry and key lime pie might taste like if one were to venture down that track. Frozen blueberries work best here, and the pairing of them with lime and cashew feels like a modern take on a classic berry situation.


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