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Introducing responsible label Studio Jacklyn by Emily Gurr

Studio Jacklyn Emily Gurr Tuchuzy responsible fashion

When Studio Jacklyn founder Emily Gurr began creating her new label, she knew it could only be brought to life with certain conditions in mind.

"For me as a creative director I have the responsibility to impact minimal to zero waste," Gurr explains.

"I have the responsibility to look after and care for all the people who work for me and produce the Jacklyn pieces."

Studio Jacklyn launched earlier this year with a limited collection of responsibly designed and ethically sourced pieces, available at Tuchuzy. So what does 'responsible' mean?

For model and creative director Gurr, "no plastic, minimal packaging, high quality pieces, limited production to reduce waste, use of dead stock materials to reduce landfill" and producing the pieces locally in Australia "to support Australian supplying and manufacturing businesses" were all priorities when it came to establishing her brand.

Studio Jacklyn Emily Gurr Tuchuzy responsible fashion

Gurr hopes, too, for a likeminded consumer - and has created pieces so that they may form a wardrobe that is worn often, and built upon.

"I use the term responsible as inherently production of goods is not sustainable but it is our role to tread as lightly as we can and be responsible throughout the entire supply chain," explains Gurr.

"Each segment is limited edition, small runs and high quality pieces to assist in reducing landfill and overall having a zero waste impact."


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