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Usher in spring with these 7 joyful nails trends

Nails have always been viewed as extra real estate for our own self expression. After all, the beauty realm acts as an extension of our sartorial spirit. In recent years, we've returned to the land of the mani and pedi; exploring all the possibilities that come with polish, gel and a little imagination. During this period we've observed spring nail trends crop up; like gradient nails, a fondness for checks and florals, while lengths have varied from natural to jumbo talons.

But what's the forecast for spring 2021? We've caught sight of seven different nail trends that you should dabble with this season. Peer down below for some inspiration.




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One of the most versatile and easy to work with trends. All nail decals call for is a top coat and your favourite past-ons. Ours? We prefer a set from Flowerbed Nails. Made in Bondi during the pandemic and tested on friends not animals. The only difficulty is in trying to limit plastering the 90s motifs to just your claws.




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Sleek and sexy. We can't exactly pin down when chrome became a thing again. Although we suspect it has a lot to do with Y2K. But all we know is when dance floors reopen and we're all decked out like a disco ball, these nails should be your first port of call.


Painting outside the box


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New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday; leaving in its wake a mountain of inspiration to mull over. Anyone that followed Collina Strada's jubilant show atop Brooklyn Grange would no doubt have caught sight of the models nail beds; splashed with glitter and painted by Juan Alvear. Which begs that famous Sex and the City quote, "When Big (read: Collina Strada) colours...they rarely stay inside the lines". Ground breaking.




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When it comes to nails, you can never go wrong with psychedelic patterns and loud, buoyant colours. Especially in time for spring! As the natural world heats up, blooming and blushing, it only makes sense that our nails mimic its' sunny palettes.




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When we had covered all the ground via colours, patterns and length it only made sense that we would delve into texture. We call it nail architecture and it can be done with gel or by literally gluing random bits and bobs to your perfectly primed claws.



This one is for the time poor and minimalists among us. Before we broach the former styles it's nice to know that what's simple is oftentimes the most effective. Pick a colour and celebrate it in its' many shades and tints - this one in particular is an ode to the Green Lady of Brooklyn.




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Why should the dewy look be exclusive to our skin or hair? Our nails should be able to relish in the style too. Simply take some clear-drying glue and apply to mimic dewdrops. Voila!

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