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Get moving: win with Sōlo The Staple

If you’re three months into the new year and your pledge to start treating your body like a temple has not yet come into effect, you're not alone.

Not everyone has a deep passion for working out - most people just get the job done. But in the spirit of utilising our bodies to pump our blood properly and kick our lymphatic systems into gear, we’ve decided there's no better time than the present to get going.

We also understand the cliché of purchasing something with the expectation it will make your life automatically better (without putting in any work). But riddle us this: how legitimately inspired are you by old workout clothes? I am minimally compelled to work out on my best days, so need all the help I can get. And if that comes by way of looking like I’ve got it together (when I most certainly don’t) with fresh gear, so be it. What better way to get inspired to move your body than to equip yourself with pieces that make it easy to move your body.

Thankfully, elevated activewear brand Sōlo the Staple is giving away a $500 e-voucher for you (and I) to get going with. Launched on Valentine's Day last month, and with a focus on feeling good both outside and in, their functionality-driven approach to workout wear is the stuff of dreams (our pick is that custom Pilates bodysuit).

Ready for the upgrade? Simply enter your details below before March 30, and let us know in 25 words or less why you should win a $500 Sōlo the Staple gift card to enter the running.

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