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Not everything is as it seems in the trailer for crime thriller ‘Sharper’

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Thievery is at the heart of upcoming film Sharper, a project from Apple TV+. The target? New York City's wealthy elite. The architect of the billion dollar heist? That part is a little less certain. Starring Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan and Justice Smith, Sharper has been pegged as a psychological thriller but from watching the newly released trailer it verges into crime thriller territory. Gymnastics for the brain? Yes, please. Below, everything we know about Sharper so far.

What is Sharper about?

For those who have exhausted all possible storylines in the Kaleidoscope heist journey, consider Sharper your next watch. No one is who they seem in a The Usual Suspects kind of way. The film, which is helmed by The Crown director Benjamin Caron and produced by A24, is seething with mind games and all kinds of deceit. It opens with Julianne Moore as Madeline, a woman who is courting a New York billionaire named Richard Hobbes and played by John Lithgow. The two return to Richard's apartment after a burglar is apprehended, as it turns out its Madeline's son, Max, performed by Sebastian Stan. A host of other characters are introduced, all lured in by the scent of big money, although deciding who can be trusted is the thread that keeps your brain ticking over.

Who is involved?

As mentioned, Julianne Moore, John Lithgow and Sebastian Stan form the core cast. Meanwhile, Justice Smith of All the Bright Places fame is thrown into the mix alongside Briana Middleton.

Is there a release date?

The good news is Sharper will land on Apple TV+ very soon. The film is scheduled to premiere on February 17, which puts it into the running for the most anticipated movies of 2023.

What about a trailer?

Yes, there's one of those too. Catch a glimpse of Sharper in the trailer below. Looks good, huh?

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