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The septum piercing is stepping up to be the 90s trend you’ll want to try this year

septum piercing

Given that we are in the golden age of quick turning 90s trends, and with a new one popping up on TikTok daily, it seems incongruous to think there is anything worth sticking our style guns to. In the last year alone we've seen baby braids, hair tinsel and tiny sunglasses all have their moment in the sun. But perhaps one of the grandest feats of strength has been that of a grungy punk-rock accessory made famous in the early part of the era. We are of course referring to the eternally cool, septum piercing. While, it's true piercings are nothing new to ride home about, the septum is one that seems to always grace us with a potent vengeance, and we feel the time is nigh for this latest accessory resurgence.



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What is a septum piercing?

A septum piercing is quite simply, a piercing that's located at your septum. The structure of cartilage that runs between the middle of your nose, that separates your right and left nostrils. The piercing itself, however, should not puncture your cartilage, rather it should penetrate the softer landing of tissue right below it. What piercers often consider to be the sweet spot. While a deviated septum is a normal occurrence, in general, you'll want to do your research for the right piercer who will understand your unique facial structure. The piercing itself can be done either free hand, using an angled receiving tube or with clamps.

Why a septum piercing?

Ever since Rihanna rocked up in 2014 with a glorious golden hoop between her nostrils, it seems there has been a massive cult following for the trend. Almost seven years later and we've seen it consistently evolve from the likes of Zoë Kravitz, Zendaya and FKA Twigs all sporting real and fake versions on various big red carpet occasions. It's this cool, bohemian irreverence that has continued to adorn our instagram feeds and leave us with nothing but bejewelled face envy.

What about the procedure and healing?

The pain of the procedure itself varies on your individual pain threshold. No doubt, it will cause you to have sensitivity in the nasal region, and you can expect the process to cause your eyes to tear up. For most, it will be a quick sharp sensation, but once the transfer has been made, the face relaxes and you'll only be left with a warm sensation. In general, the piercing will feel significantly less sensitive after six-eight weeks but it can take upwards of six months for it to heal through completely.

How about aftercare?

When it comes to aftercare, you should follow standard piercing cleaning protocol. A saline rinse twice a day, careful drying, no playing or touching of the piercing and avoid sleeping on your stomach or making any contact when sleeping. Your beauty regime should be adapted afterwards too – minimise the use of any cleansers, serums or moisturisers near the piercing. Once the piercing is healed you can resume your routine as normal.

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