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Why self isolation is the right time to try period underwear

modibodi working from home

Millions of women across the globe are dropping tampons and pads in favour of more sustainable options. But, for many there's often a big question mark over how you do it and how it works IRL. The good news is that self-isolation is the perfect time to explore other options. What better time to experiment than when you're confined to the comfort of your own home?

Enter period underwear. The thing you've always wanted to try, but the timing hasn't been right - at least that's been the experience of some of us. Some members of the RUSSH team have already tried period underwear. While I haven't, I have considered investing for some time now. The older I get, the more conscious I get of every piece of plastic and every non-degradable item I throw into a bin. Tampons especially. I've had menstrual cups recommended to me, but period underwear always seemed like a more friendly option. With my array of silk skirts and white pants, I have to admit that I have always been a little nervous to experiment with this new undergarment choice. But now that I (like the rest of us) am housebound, it really does seem like the time to make the switch.

Local, Australian brand Modibodi is the OGs in the period-proof underwear space. I must say, there is certainly satisfaction when I consider the idea of free-bleeding. Should we really need to be discreet or pretend that such a normal part of life isn't happening?



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But Modibodi is not just created with female empowerment in mind. It's a brand designed with sustainability as an important brand pillar, while being functional and pretty darn cute if you ask me. It's underwear that is good for the planet. Every tampon or pad you don't use, is one piece of plastic you save from landfill. And another item in the list of pros - in the long term, period proof underwear reduces the demand for the creation of new sanitary items - and the money you would have spent on them.

Modibodi heralds the sentiment that changing the world should be as easy as changing your underwear. With Earth Day approaching on April 22, this is definitely a welcome concept. Recently, I was reading an interesting piece of thought-leadership that suggests gender equality is the missing piece of the climate puzzle - examining that societies that have an unfriendly attitude to women, will often have an unfriendly attitude to the environment. One of the messages that I took away is that empowering women means a positive change for the Earth.

modibodi working from home period proof underwear

In just a few short years, Modibodi undergarments have empowered thousands of women globally to embrace their bodies and open their minds. With Earth Day looming, climate-consciousness growing and the comfort of home a necessity for the foreseeable future, this truly does seem like the time for me (and maybe others) to try this sustainable underwear.