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It seems we’ll finally get the truth about life inside the Playboy Mansion thanks to the new documentary ‘Secrets of Playboy’

It's hard to conceive of the Playboy Mansion in the year of 2021. So much has changed since The Girls Next Door was released in 2005. For one, Hugh Hefner is no longer here with us; leaving behind a polarising legacy and a strong case against jacquard smoking jackets. In the time since, as a public, we've also grappled with the thorny topics of power and coercive control. So it's seems fitting for there to be a documentary under way that plunges into the long withheld secrets of the Playboy Mansion.

Last week A+E announced, Secrets of Playboy, its latest documentary set to be released in early 2022. After years of being shrouded in mystery, the documentary will piece together just exactly what was going on inside those walls. The documentary stitches together archival footage and snippets of interviews with ex-bunnies like Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Sondra Theodore. In the trailer, Holly Madison set the tone for the film by saying, "I didn’t realise that getting into the Playboy world was a dangerous choice". Yikes.

The rest of the documentary will include insights from Hefner's personal valet, Stefan Tetenbaum. Along with Playboy Mansion resident Jennifer Saginor and Bunny Mother, PJ Masten who famously spoke out against Bill Cosby.

In a statement, Elaine Frontain Bryant Vice President and Head of Programming for A&E said, “The fantasy world of Playboy has been shrouded in secrecy for decades and we are proud to lift the veil on these long-hidden stories."

"Breaking down barriers and exposing the truth, Secrets of Playboy is a masterful example of brave storytelling that takes an unflinching look at the personal effects of Hugh Hefner’s empire, while also exploring his legacy’s larger influence on our society and modern-day views of sexuality", she continued.

At last we'll finally get to hear the version of events as experienced by the women living it. It's about time!

You can preview the trailer of Secrets of Playboy for yourself below.


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