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Scorpio in 2018

The Scorpion
October 23 - November 21

You are a ride or die kind of friend. You are also a blood-sucking genius who contemplates death while staring into the dark abyss that is this life.

How lucky are we to have Scorpios. Those rare humans who aren’t afraid to go one shade darker at any given moment.

Your strength lies in your ability to confront darkness. You won’t run away after taking a look at the monsters hiding under your bed. You will stare right at their face, high-five them, and pass them a goblet of wine to take the edge off. We are only as sick as our secrets. And you, my friend, have none.

It is this honesty that allows others to share their darkness with you. Freeing them from their own prison of shame. What a gift! To have someone accept and embrace your demons. You hold a great deal of knowledge because of this. But quite often you default to sitting on that information. Ruminating on it and eventually storing it away.

This year Jupiter and Mars want you to turn that knowledge into something tangible. What aspects of human nature do you understand better than anyone? What ways can you apply this awareness to something bigger than yourself? There is a good chance you have had a plan that has been cooking for quite some time. There is a good chance you have been cautious in sharing it with others. There is a good chance you have been afraid to risk failure. This year wants you to go out on a limb.

See who shares your ideals. See who can help make your vision come to life. You are the most emotionally intelligent of the zodiac. Your superpower is your ability to see through the bullshit. Use this to your advantage. Find the hole in the market. Dissect what people need. Choose the right partners. Vet out the phonies. Make the right deals.

Trust yourself this year. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Remember, you are able to see clearest in the dark.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY Kitty Callaghan
PAINTING Holly Fewson