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Sagittarius in 2018

The Archer
November 22 - December 21

You are a restless soul. Your next five trips abroad are already booked. You have moved apartments twice in the past six months. And you’re probably going to move again once things start to feel too comfortable.

Your loved ones admire your boundless energy, but very few can keep up with you.

Your strength lies in your desire to keep searching. For new places. For new ideas. For new inspiration. That is why your symbol, the arrow, is always pointing towards the sky. You are not a complacent person. You are not a complacent partner. You are not a complacent employee. What you are is a mover and a shaker. Good news is 2018 is going to keep you moving and shaking the whole time.

This year Jupiter is going to give you endless opportunities to expand. Opportunities professionally will pop up left and right. Emails will be pouring in. Invitations to events near and far will come to your door. Opportunities to improve your health will come in abundance as well. A new exercise class that you love. A new diet that all your friends are raving about. A new spiritual retreat that will pull you out of the country for weeks on end. The list goes on.

As fun as this may sound, Saturn is going to show you that you have limits. As much as you would like to, you cannot be in 10 places at once. The test is going to be in choosing your activities and ventures wisely. The test is finding the joy in paring things down. Simplifying. Streamlining. You may decide that excelling at work will take precedence over switching apartments. You may find that adopting a new fitness routine is more effective than a fad diet. You may discover that these decisions help you focus. And help you commit.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean things are going to be boring. Life is going to be as intense as ever. But it is going to be intense in its focus rather than in its chaos. Embrace this new perspective. Embrace this new centre of gravity. Know that there is so much room to grow from here.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY Kitty Callaghan
PAINTING Holly Fewson