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RUSSH Radio: listen to the sounds of summer

camille rowe summer playlist
Camille Rowe, PHOTOGRAPHY Henrik Purienne.

A beach story
Mixed with sand and water
In a seashell
The sail of a boat
Which swayed
On the edge of the sun

Histoire de Plage - Brigitte Bardot

Longer days need longer playlists, so here we have our collection of summer songs to cover every mood of summer and give you your own Histoire de Plage à la Bardot. With the smell of frangipani in the air and the taste of salt on your skin, let The Stranglers give you a sound ‘with texture like sun’ as you watch the waves, feeling sand in your toes and wondering if the ocean is a giant Love Potion in the spirit of DOG Power.

Summer afternoons should be spent with a cold beer and The Kinks who allow the light to carry all of their troubles away, while Marc Bolan languidly seduces you beneath his Mambo Sun. The season brings us nostalgia, and the eternally endearing romance of the Beach Boys, Brian Eno and Orange Juice has us reminiscing of our favourite holidays and the lovers we shared them with. However it's not just the ghosts of summers past, but the promise of new adventures and new bonds to be made, with the help of Fat White Family our Feet won’t fail us, and we dance barefoot with Patti Smith, leaving us feeling brand new.

Our Tropical Hot Dog Nights can take us to Gauci’s Paradise or even to the blurry Heaven of the Rolling Stones. Susan Cadogan teaches us to take it nice and easy as we lay down with Malaria’s cover of Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay. Whatever song leads you to the sun, remember, random always rules ...