Gauci turns up the heat with the premiere of Paradise

Felix wears P.JOHNSON jacket and shirt; JAC+ JACK pants; talent’s own shoes, socks, belt and ring (worn throughout). David wears COMMAS jacket; JAC+ JACK t-shirt; DEAR FRIEND pants; talent’s own shoes, socks and belt. Antonia wears ACNE STUDIOS jacket; JAC+ JACK dress; talent’s own shoes, socks, necklaces, rings and earrings (worn throughout).

“Our dream set is a toss up of a Boiler Room live in Ibiza, or playing Isle of MTV Malta.” This statement might give you a small glimpse into the world that is Sydney-based Italo disco trio, Gauci. Comprised of siblings Antonia and David Gauci, and surrogate brother Felix Lush, for the last few years the three piece has been tirelessly working towards bringing to life a vision of the specific type of 80s grandeur that heats up the floor for a night of wild, unforgettable dance. The dynamic of the group is one that keeps the innovative flow of creation moving and expanding, and not without some amusing anecdotes along the way. Meeting first as friends, theirs is a relationship that has been strengthened and encouraged along the way through a merciless and enduring love for music.

Felix wears LEVI’S jacket; JAC + JACK shirt; talent’s own pants. David wears JAC+ JACK t-shirt; P.JOHNSON pants; talent’s own belt and shoes. Antonia wears ELLERY shirt; talent’s own stockings.

Heart racing and I can’t stop and I won’t stop. Listening to Antonia’s voice sweep dreamily across beating synths in debut tracks such as Hurry and Taking Over, it’s easy to see how Gauci’s influences were found in the sweet and soaring melodies of Donna Summer, percussive synth sounds of Cold Cave and the dance grooves of iconic disco singer-DJ-producer Giorgio Moroder. The creation process has been described as a collaborative affair in which each individual incorporates elements of sounds that are best suited to their strengths. “Live, we each play synths and sing. David is our hype man and plays the guitar solos,” they explain. The soft guitar undertones in each track lift the song, acting as a vibrant contrast against the moody synth-pop sounds. “There have been instances where Felix comes to us with a very thorough demo, and we add layers of synths, guitars and vocals and transform that demo into what we eventually release, and other times, it’s all of us in one room together (usually Felix’s bedroom), sitting on drum loops and creating fire synth lines to make it all gel and pop so we can create your next summer hit.”

“Creating something that feels so good for the first time is equally as awesome as playing a great set to a good crowd who love the music just as much as we do.”

Felix wears LEVI’S jacket; JAC+ JACK shirt; talent’s own pants, belt and socks; CONVERSE shoes. Antonia wears ELLERY shirts; talent’s own stockings and shoes. David wears JAC+ JACK t-shirt; P.JOHNSON pants; talent’s own belt and shoes.

“We’re all really great friends and we hang out all the time, so this band is essentially just an extension of our friendship.”

Antonia wears ELLERY top and pants.
Felix wears JAC+ JACK jacket and shirt; talent's own jeans, belt, shoes and socks.
David wears ACNE STUDIOS jacket; JAC+ JACK t-shirt; talent’s own pants and belt.

The band’s motto is succinct yet pointed, asking with each creative decision, “does it bang?” This sentiment comes through loud and clear in their latest single, Paradise; a five minute dive into the clearest ocean, it’s a sonic embodiment of summertime nostalgia. Gauzy, light, the kind you’d wish to be everlasting. “Paradise is calling” Antonia croons, and we’re falling deeper in love with the sound of it. The band’s approach to success is suitably tongue and cheek, involving “invitations to corporate events, free money and huge personalised gold chains. Maybe even a chauffeur so Antonia doesn’t have to drive us everywhere anymore, or even free Uber credit.” But until then they’ll make do with “Cash on arrival, bottles of San Pellegrino and three bottles of Grey Goose,” adding, “the Grey Goose isn’t for drinking, it’s just for status.” Striving for nothing short of “finesse”, Gauci are set to fill our summer with synth-drenched disco that has a clear sense of purpose – to spark a burning passion to dance.

“Paradise is about those fleeting moments of solitude in the first moments of waking up when the external anxieties of life haven’t had time to settle in.”

Felix wears LEVI’S jacket; JAC + JACK shirt; talent’s own pants, belt and socks; CONVERSE shoes. David wears JAC + JACK t-shirt; P.JOHNSON pants; talent’s own belt and shoes. Antonia wears ELLERY shirts; talent’s own stocking and shoes.

Listen to Paradise here, or catch Gauci performing at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel on Friday, December 7.

PHOTOGRAPHY Mason Stevenson @ Artboxblack
FASHION Natalie Petrevski
TALENT Antonia Gauci, David Gauci and Felix Lush
HAIR & MAKEUP Corinna Wilmshurst using Giorgio Armani Beauty