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The home decor and furniture the RUSSH editors are currently coveting

As we prepare for the colder weather, it's natural to want to make your home as cosy as possible. We certainly do. Interior design and home decor is something of a universal language across our team. Thusly, we each have a small list of pieces that we're coveting for our homes this year.

Below, find the homewares and furniture each of our team have on their wishlists.


Jess Blanch

Editor In Chief


I have an unhealthy new infatuation with the works of Brendan Van Hek now showing at Sydney’s Sarah Cottier Gallery. It’s been a “can’t eat, can’t sleep” scenario since I’ve seen this latest exhibition. His neon light works, brightly coloured glass sculptures and ‘art that could be a seat’  captured my desire to live in a monochrome world no longer. 


Mia Steiber

Digital content director 

After bulk buying the IKEA x Byredo candles and securing these stunning powder coated iron candle sticks from Merci Maison, I said I was done with new homewares purchases for a while. But seeing as I’ve just renovated my kitchen, I feel like I need a new crowning piece. This jug from Sayers Home is the perfect vessel for the market fresh flowers I plan to host in my new kitchen. And I definitely want a new table runner for my candle sticks to sit on, something like this.


Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content producer

While I might be on a personal ban from buying homewares, thankfully, my aunty has just moved into her new home – which means I can let out my interior design frustrations by decorating her abode instead. The first article on my agenda is fresh sheets, of course. The obvious choice as we head into the cooler months is a sheet that is slightly more weighted, but is still breathable and regulates your body temperature – like these Supima Cotton beauties. Now that the sensible purchase is out of the way, her entryway could definitely benefit from some finesse. This Dinosaur Designs vase should do the trick.


Ella Jane

Content editor

There are a few things I can’t stop thinking about right now, and they belong to the realm of furniture. Dinner parties are a constant in my home, so my quest to find an antique lived-in dining table to keep ‘living in’ looks something like this 19th Century piece. Another necessity that I refuse to settle on is a reading chair of dreams to tuck next to a window, this one is a tempting runner-up for the cooler months. A good mirror to open up my living space is also on the list. MCM House do great ones.



Market editor


Having just moved to Sydney, it feels safe to say, I am slowly taking my time in building my little home. Right now I have been eyeing off the beautifully minimal ceramics by Korean ceramist NR Ceramics and I think a home is never a good home without your books. Without a proper bookshelf, mine have started piling up stacks on stacks upon themselves and if I’m not scouring old bookstores,I’m turning to my best kept secret Selected Objects on instagram. A very small, very discreet, very special little bookstand, Selected Objects offers the most beautifully curated second hand books in design, photography and design.


Lucienne Bambridge

Brand & campaigns coordinator

With a change of space imminent, homewares have been top of mind for me lately - my biggest obsession being the perfect Serpentine style couch (jumping aboard the boucle trend of course). I’m also obsessed with the Noguchi Coffee Table in black, and this triple gauze blanket from Laze Living which I can only imagine is what being wrapped in clouds feels like. Definitely angling for that cosy chic style this autumn. 


Gabriela Hidalgo 

Brand & art director

In the words of the great Mariah Carey, ‘I would never have overhead lighting’. When it comes to the home, our sanctuary from the outside world of harsh fluorescent lights, there is (almost) nothing that compares to the warm flow of a lamp or set of candles to illuminate the room and bring the Hygge factor from a 1 to a solid 12. The Jack floor lamp by Tom Dixon is at the very top of my dream list. At a close second, I have had my eye on this dreamy set of wine glasses and champagne coupe by EU CLIENTS, ready for any occasion.