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Byredo and IKEA are dropping the candle collaboration of our dreams

Byredo and IKEA candle collaboration

It's true that the perfect scent has the power to add a level of dimension to any space, and no fragrance brand masters this more perfectly than cult-Swedish company, Byredo. The incredibly chic and desirable fashion and fragrance house, founded by Ben Gorham in 2006, has slipped its way into our homes – sitting pretty on beauty shelves and coffee tables around the globe. Now, Gorham has embarked on his latest collaboration, partnering with IKEA to produce a limited-edition collection of affordable candles for your home.

Titled Osynlig, the collaboration features a collection of 13 scents, all designed to evoke a wide range of emotions – "from nostalgia for things past to hopes and dreams for the future," reads a brand press release. Inspired by the Swedish word for invisible, Gorham is looking to reinforce the idea that scents can function as an invisible design that can add value to the home.

"Invisible design is that layer on top of functionality that completes the home, the intangible things like lighting, mood, and atmosphere that enable you to have a really emotive, interesting environment," shares James Futcher, creative leader at IKEA for Osynlig.



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Understandably for Gorham, scent is the most important invisible aspect of the home, explaining "smell is a very relevant part of the home, and it creates a sense of comfort and security. We’re trying to develop a range of smells enforcing the idea that everyone has a different relationship to it, and nothing is right or wrong."

Byredo and IKEA's Osynlig collaboration doesn't compromise on design either, with each candle canister glazed with a mixture of two colours that represent one of three title notes – floral, woody and fresh. With a scent for everyone, Osynlig is the perfect gift for every type of person in your life – notable scent mentions include Peach Blossom & Bamboo, Tobacco & Honey and Tea Leaves & Verbena.

Ranging in price from $9.99 to $49, the collection will be available to shop in Australia from February 2021.

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