We’re giving away a ROEMY sustainable fragrance pack worth $536

ROEMY Fragrance Competition

There's something about smell which hits different. It can take you back in time, make you feel something you forgot existed.

Maybe it's the smell of your mum's laundry powder on your clothes, or the fragrance your favourite person wore on your first date. The mixed scent of salt and seaweed that reminds you of summer vacation, or the dampness in the air right before a big thunderstorm. Smell is one of the most important elements of our day to day lives and modern fragrance brand ROEMY wants to help you get it just right.


The ROEMY Brand:

Say hello to Melbourne's newest female-founded modern fragrance house.

Created with the environment in mind, ROEMY is long-lasting, luxurious and most importantly, it smells great. Built on the notion that fragrance is an essential part of everyday life, the brand believes that fragrance not only works to create identity and self-expression, but also that it can elevate moments, conjure memories and even bring life to space.

High-quality does not have to mean harmful though. Eliminating harmful ingredients has been at the forefront of ROEMY. That means all of its products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free. They also contain only a mix of safe synthetic and natural ingredients, leaving out the nasty chemicals so often snuck in to our favourite fragrances.

This conscious choice of ingredients also reduces excessive and toxic farming practices, inefficient supply chains, and unnecessary waste and transport energy. The result? A product you can purchase knowing you've done something good for the planet.

ROEMY's first release is a collection of five fragrances inspired by moments in places, spaces and time. These signature scents include Forest, Resort, Solstice, Halcyon and No. 6 which are available as a Discovery Set (5 x 3ml), a 15ml Traveller, or in 55ml or 100ml bottles.

Sounds pretty good right?



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How to enter:

To be in the running to win a ROEMY fragrance pack worth $536 simply enter your details below. The winner will first receive a ROEMY Discovery Set featuring all five fragrances so you can find your perfect scent. Once you've found your favourite you'll then be able to choose a 55mL bottle, a 100mL bottle and a 15mL traveller so you can smell good wherever you go.

Competition ends March 30. Terms and conditions apply.



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