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RIIKI REID mourns the loss of intimacy in her new single ‘Meet U Again’

Intimacy is the glue that binds us, but for it to stick we must water it. Nourish it. Tend to it with time and most importantly, proximity — an ingredient constantly on back order in this period of forced isolation. It's the feeling of intimacy lost that Māori, Samoan and Scottish musician RIIKI REID mourns in her latest single.

Written during the first lockdown back in May 2020, a great soul-splitting yearning underpins Meet U Again. It's a self-produced synth-heavy track, with harmonies that draw from dream pop and a melody that floods you with emotion. "I hate when things don't feel the same, and all I want is that tingly and exciting feeling when you first met," RIIKI REID explains. "The song is about longing for that, picturing yourself getting to meet each other all over again because it felt so good, fresh and exciting."

It's a notion we can relate to as friendships fade or become stunted, and we try to close the gap between what is and what once was.

Released on March 1, Meet U Again is redolent of artists like Bjork and Radiohead, of whom RIIKI REID cites as her influences. In the accompanying music video directed by Robyn Jordaan, REID (who's real name is Raquel Abolins-Reid) can be seen running around a cityscape. Highways, escalators, and a train station flash by as she tries to outstrip the thoughts racing in her head. It's a scene that nods to cult classics like Run Lola Run, while the more pensive shots of Reid poolside are subtle references to Māori mythology with the tale of 'Pania of the Reef'.

You can catch RIIKI REID live in April where she will be supporting Budjerah on his Australian tour. Otherwise, you can get your first taste of Meet U Again on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Watch the music video to Meet U Again by Riiki Reid, below.

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