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Rosamund Pike will star in new pandemic thriller ‘Rich Flu’

rosamund pike rich flu

Acclaimed British actor Rosamund Pike will star in upcoming pandemic-themed thriller Rich Flu, exploring a disease infecting some of the richest people across the globe. The film is directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, known for his dystopic sci-fi film The Platform, with the script written by Pedo Rivero in conjunction with Gaztelu-Urrutia.

What is Rich Flu about?

The film’s central plot focusses on an unknown disease killing off some of the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet. It begins with billionaires, then multi-millionaires and gradually progresses through subsequent societal earners. Then, the disease is applicable to all considered to have a fortune to their name, sparking global panic and the market flooded with now unwanted fiscal assets. The film dissects the extent to which people would go to save themselves when their coveted wealth becomes a dangerous commodity.

Rich Flu has been described by Gaztelu-Urrutia as an immense physical saga with multiple twists and obstacles for the characters to overcome. More than anything, it is set to be a complex and emotional journey examining human soul and the offshoots of self-indulgence.

When is Rich Flu set to release?

While there is no slated release date just yet for Rich Flu, you can get your fix of Rosamund Pike elsewhere. Pike is currently starring in Amazon Prime Video series The Wheel of Time. She has previously been nominated for an Academy Award – for her performance in David Fincher’s Gone Girl – and earned a Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in dark comedy-thriller I Care a Lot.

Principle photography for the film is set to commence mid-year with the film produced by Pablo Larraín, who directed Kristen Stewart’s latest film Spencer and Jackie, the 2016 film focussing on the days after the assassination of JFK. Juan de Dios Larraín, Adrián Guerra, Núria Valls Carlos Juárez and Albert Soler are also listed as producers across Fabula and Nostromo Pictures.

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