Remembering an icon: tributes for the late Peter Lindbergh

“He had a way of turning your imperfections into something unique and beautiful … and his images will always be timeless.” - Cindy Crawford

A look at Instagram today reveals a small insight of the impact that photographer Peter Lindbergh had not only on the fashion industry, but on photography as an art form and the hearts of his subjects.

In one of many tributes to the icon, Naomi Campbell gushes over Lindbergh’s spirit, and his generosity when letting her into his home while hers wasn’t fit. The two worked together on countless occasions, perhaps the most memorable was her Vogue 1990 January cover with her ‘super’ peers, or their Dalmatian dream shoot of June’s later issue.

Fashion photographer Arthur Elgort remembers a peer and friend in Peter, as the two hold each other's books in the sepia toned . They worked alongside one another, and even together in the industry, shooting actor Charlotte Rampling.

But it wasn’t just the 90s supers for whom his art shone. Lindbergh’s artistry stretched up until his passing, as he worked closely with fashion’s newest faces. His moments with Cara Delevingne were particularly memorable, and Kaia Gerber had the chance to carry her mother’s torch in her Interview Magazine shoot last year, and her family's Gerber for Omega campaign.

Here we reflect on the life of Peter Lindbergh, through the words of those that knew him best.