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The 21 best plant based cookbooks to add to cart

plant based cookbooks

Leading a plant based lifestyle has become common over the last decade, with many engaging in vegan diets for both ethical and health reasons. Once a less-prevalent diet to consume, plant based food has become the norm for many with delicious alternatives to animal products sold in most supermarkets across Australia and a booming market of cookbooks to boot.

Whether it be a nut roast, a vegan-alternative to a sausage sizzle or moreish, creamy faux-chocolate, vegan cooking is here to stay, so why not change up your standard meals currently on rotation and add in some plant based meals to your dinners and lunches? To steer you in the right direction, we've rounded up the 21 best plant based cookbooks for you to add to cart in anticipation of the feasts to come.

I Can Cook Vegan by Chandra Moskowitz

plant based cookbooks

Vegan JapanEasy by Tom Anderson

Wholefood Cooking Everyday by Amy Chaplin

plant based cookbooks

The Vegan Butcher by Zacchary Bird

plant based cookbooks

Ottolenghi Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi

plant based cookbooks

The Happy Pear: Vegan Cooking for Everybody by David and Stephen Flynn

The New Vegan by Aine Carlin

plant based cookbooks

Five Ingredient Vegan by Katy Beskow

Sweet Potato Soul by Jenna Claiborne

Vegetable Kingdom by Bryant Terry

One Pot Vegan by Roxy Pope

plant based cookbooks

Deliciously Ella: The Plant-Based Cookbook by Ella Mills

plant based cookbooks

Mississippi Vegan by Timothy Pakron

plant based cookbooks

Plant-Based Love Stories by Cynthia Louise

plant based cookbooks

Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-Christian Jury

Asian Greens by Ching He Huang

On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox

La Vida Verde by Jocelyn Ramirez

Raw by Charlie Trotter

The Complete Vegan Cookbook by the National Gourmet Institute

Food52 Vegan by Gena Hamshaw

plant based cookbooks

Since you’re already on the hunt for some new plant based food options after perusing the cookbooks, why not give one of our 16 vegan recipes a go tonight? Or, if you’re vegetarian, we’ve also got your culinary desires covered with 10 recipes that don’t skimp on the flavour.

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