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Phoebe Waller-Bridge is developing a ‘Tomb Raider’ series

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It's official! Phoebe Waller-Bridge is getting back in the dirt to write and executive produce a Tomb Raider TV show with Amazon. Waller-Bridge's TV adaptation is part of Amazon's ambitious plan to build a Tomb Raider universe. Waller-Bridge is adored by all for her black comedy Amazon hit Emmy-winning Fleabag, Crashing and Killing Eve. 

In an endearing turn of events, our girl loves all things archeology, or at least starred in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Apparently, Waller-Bridge is also a fan of Tomb Raider (who knew) and was excited to get get started on the project.

If you weren't planning on watching the next Tomb Raider, you might want to give that a rethink with Waller-Bridge at the helm. This project comes as the star has renewed her deal with the retail giant and streamer. Sources say that this new deal will last three years, similar to her initial pact with Amazon in 2019. This agreement also sees her teaming up with author Claudia Lux to adapt her book Sign Here into an Amazon series.

The platform has announced plans not only to release a Tomb Raider movie on top of the TV show but a video game as well. The aim is to connect everything the way the Marvel Cinematic Universe has. 

The project is set to be mammoth, with one source revealing to The Hollywood Reporter that it is amongst the largest commitments at Amazon since Lord of the Rings. To put that in dollars and cents, it is estimated that Amazon has spent $250 million on rights.

Who is involved in the Tomb Raider project?

We know one thing, Waller-Bridge herself isn't planning on starring in the adaptation. This begs the question, who will play Lara Croft? Whoever this person may be, they have big shoes to fill. The massively popular video game character has been portrayed by Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander, so we can't wait to see who comes next!

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